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How To Distinguish The Holy Spirit From The Serpent

How do we distinguish the promptings of the Spirit of grace in His guiding and governing of our lives from the delusions of the spirit of the world and of our own sinful heart? This is a hugely important question if we are to be calm and confident that the spirit with whom we are communing really is the Holy Spirit. John Owen suggests four ways in which the Spirit and the serpent are to be distinguished: The leading of the Spirit, he says, is regular, that is, according to the regulum: the… Read more How To Distinguish The Holy Spirit From The Serpent

Why It’s Essential

Put simply, the doctrine of inerrancy is the belief that the Bible is true. Of course, there is much more to say about the definition than this. Countless books have been written explaining, defining, and defending this doctrine, not to mention the affirmations and denials of the 1978 Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. But the gist of inerrancy is the belief that the Bible is God’s Word and that when God speaks, He speaks truth. Thus, belief in inerrancy is the conviction that whatever the Bible affirms is accurate, reliable,… Read more Why It’s Essential

“Doubting on your part…

does not constitute a crisis of faith on mine.” Article from Carl Trueman, August 2011. I am sorry that you can no longer believe the simple catechetical faith that you were once taught; I am sorry that the Bible seems like little more than a confused mish-mash of contradictory myths and endlessly deferred meaning.  But that you struggle with doubts does not mean that those who do not struggle in the same way are simply weak-minded, in denial or bare-faced liars.  Nor, more importantly, does the mere fact that you… Read more “Doubting on your part…

Let boys be non-medicated boys

From Greg Gibson: …we often diagnosis those symptoms as a problem. As Albert Mohler has said, “We want to find a diagnosis in a problem, and we want to find a savior in a pill” (1). To me, these problems seem more like God-given characteristics of what it means to actually be a boy—a non-medicated boy. I would suggest to you that the diagnosis of boyhood is not a problem to solve, but a tension to love, channel, and celebrate, as we teach boys how to take dominion over their… Read more Let boys be non-medicated boys

Jesus and the Church

Jesus and the Church by Terry Johnson, Reformed Theology Articles at Ligonier, Tabletalk Magazine, July 1st, 2014. How many times does Jesus mention the church? I’ve asked that question in a number of forums (Reformed University Fellowship, Sunday school, Drug Court Bible Study, the pulpit, and so on), and have received answers ranging from thirty-six to six. Surprise is the typical response when I reveal that Jesus mentions the church, the ekklēsia, only twice. Initially, this seems to confirm the bias of those who say they admire Jesus but have little regard… Read more Jesus and the Church