Literary Study Bible

“What study bible do you recommend”? This is one question I get asked from time to time (along with the “what translation” question) and I’m humbled that some think enough of me to ask. While I have 5 study bibles that I am comfortable recommending I would like to take this time to promote my favorite, The Literary Study Bible (from here out referred to as LSB).

One day I’ll share all my recommendations but today I wanted to single out the LSB. This past week I was talking with Crossway (publisher of the LSB) and they informed me that this study bible will no longer be in print. With this information I’m not sure how long the above link will be available, but I encourage you to visit the site and check out the features and browse the notes (if still available).

I do not take my recommendations lightly. The LSB is an excellent resource and while I’m sure it has much better endorsements – it has ws harbor’s nonetheless.

Check your local bookstore for the LSB.

Also available at the following locations:



Westminster Bookstore