St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary on Romans

I love the book of Romans. I also enjoy reading commentaries. As a result, I am currently reading RC Sproul’s St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary on Romans and recommend it for your extracurricular reading pleasure – and edification.

We need a reformation in the church in terms of what is expected from ministers. The primary task of the minister is the preaching of the Word of God, the feeding of the flock. I tell young pastors that 90 percent of their time should be taken up with preaching and teaching. God has not called them to be psychological counselors or brilliant administrators. He has called them to preach the Word and feed the sheep. The pastor should be free to spend his time preaching and teaching, because what Christians need above all is to be nurtured in the Word of God.

RC Sproul, St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary on Romans, p. 416