Matthew Henry Monday – on Tuesday

Yesterday I was reading A Church in the House and realized I haven’t been keeping up with posting Matthew Henry Monday. So, with out further delay, Matthew Henry Monday – on Tuesday!

Every Monday ws harbor likes to dedicate a post to Matthew Henry. Nonconformist Henry (10/18/1662 – 06/22/1714) was a commentator on the Bible and Presbyterian minister of the Gospel. We recommend his works for devotional purposes.

It is better to be without bread in your houses than without bibles. For the words of God’s mouth are and should be to you more than your necessary food.

Let me therefore with all earnestness press it upon you to make the solemn reading of the scripture a part of your daily worship in your families. When you speak to God by prayer, be willing to hear Him speak to you in His word, that there may be a complete communion between you and God.

Matthew Henry, A Church in the House, p. 36, 37

Emphasis mine.