Matthew Henry Monday

Every Monday ws harbor likes to dedicate a post to Matthew Henry. Nonconformist Henry (10/18/1662 – 06/22/1714) was a commentator on the Bible and Presbyterian minister of the Gospel. We highly recommend his works for both practical and devotional purposes.

Matthew Henry’s commentary on Romans 7:7-9

Paul thought himself in a very good condition; he was alive in his own opinion and apprehension, very secure and confident of the goodness of his state. He had the letter of the law, but he had not the spiritual meaning of it. He had the law in his hand and in his head, but he had it not in his heart. There are a great many who are spiritually dead in sin, that yet are alive in their own opinion of themselves, and it is their strangeness to the law that is the cause of this mistake. But when the commandment came, (not to his eyes only, but to his heart), sin revived, as the dust in a room rises when the sun shines in. Paul then saw in sin what he had never seen before; he then saw sin in its causes, the bitter root – sin and the curse entailed upon it. He lost that good opinion which he had of himself, and came to be of another mind. The Spirit, by the commandment, convinced Paul that he was in a state of sin, and in a state of death because of sin. Of this excellent use is the law; it is a lamp and a light; it converts the soul, opens the eyes, prepares the way of the Lord – makes ready a people prepared for the Lord.