Your Will be Done

Every Monday ws harbor likes to dedicate a post to Matthew Henry. Nonconformist Henry (10/18/1662 – 06/22/1714) was a commentator on the Bible and Presbyterian minister of the Gospel. We highly recommend his works for both practical and devotional purposes.

And as an evidence that your kingdom comes, and in order to the sanctifying of your name, Father in heaven, let your holy will be done. We know, O LORD, that whatever you please, that you do in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps; Psalm 135:6 your counsel shall stand, and you will accomplish all your purpose: Isaiah 46:10 Even so let it be, Holy Father, not our will, but yours, be done. Luke 22:42 As you have planned, so let it be, and as you have purposed, so let it stand. Isaiah 14:24 Do all according to the counsel of your will.  Matthew Henry, Method of Prayer